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Andrei in the office


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Kill Kill Kill, Die Die Die

Duck Season? Wabbit Season? MORON Season

Well, they are out in full force today. The random IM'ers.

I have a new favourite exchange to make me scratch my head:

Me: So, may I ask how you came across my username
Mrn: yeah
five minutes elapsed
Me: Okay.. you got me. Since you said, "Yeah" I'll ask. How did you come across my username on Yahoo?
Mrn: yes
Me: sigh

They then Buzzed me so I blocked them. This was then followed by multiple requests to add me to their buddy list.

As a result, the page has been extended again. New rules, new comments.

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Where can I get a moron tag in the state of Washington?

90% of the random IMs for me come from Indian compsci students asking me to help them with their homework, usually in the form "Hai, this is Kumar. I have a doubt about [ insert algorithm or programming topic here ] and have to finish my project. Can u send me the codes plzzzzzzzzzzzz. It's very urgent!"

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