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When Irony steps in... does anyone else see the humour?

We are preparing to spend a weekend at Faerieworlds.

I've gone thru the website looking at several things. The midnight movies at first felt cliché (Labyrinth and Dark Crystal)... but then I noticed the films were going to be introduced by Brian Froud... and it went from cliché to Oh my Gods faster than a sports car goes from 0-60.

So.. I went to the forum to explain that the web store links are broken. And I poked around the site some more and then I saw it.

In very small print at the top of the page:

Faerieworlds LLC Presents

And then the Faerieworlds logo.

Now... let's take a moment.

Consider the wandering fae (Read the statement preceding with the same dramatic incompetence as an out of work L.A. Bartender saying, 'consider the lilly')

But I digress. Consider the wandering fae...

A nature spirit tied to nothing, a trickster, wisdom and innocence melded into one puff of light, wings, and dust. A creature of magick that one can destroy by not applauding for them. They come from the realm of elves, unicorns, and films that never make back their cost or get awards.

Now take a breath...

Let's talk about LLCs. This stands for Limited Liability Company.

From wikipedia this is: a legal form of business company offering limited liability to its owners. It is similar to a corporation, and is often a more flexible form of ownership, especially suitable for smaller companies with a limited number of owners. Unlike a regular corporation, a limited liability company with one member may be treated as a disregarded entity, so the member is often singled-out as a person performing the actions of the LLC. A limited liability company with multiple members is typically treated as a partnership for tax purposes, thereby avoiding double taxation.

Now I want you to put yourself in the image.

The corporate board room with the obsidian desk and the $40,000 AV equipment. The CEO's chair spins around and one of Lady Cottington's pre-pressed victims is sitting there with a Cigar. "The numbers for 2005's festival were off and 2006's were flat. What are we going to do about this."

I'll let your mind wander.
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