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You can't do that on television.. or anywhere for that matter

So... yes. I'm a software developer. This means that I can count to 16 very easily. So easily that I use letters to fill the space until I hit 10 (referring to 16, without abandon or care)

I've tired of base 16. I decided to play with something a little more obscure.

I played with base 7.4

Where is in decimal you have : 1000s, 100s, 10s, 1s, .1, .10, .100, etc...

In base 7.4 you have:
7.4^3, 7.4^2, 7.4^1, 7.4^0, 7.4^-1, 7.4^-2, 7.4^-3

So at first all worked out.
10(10) = 12.431644201(7.4)
9(10) = 11.431644201(7.4)
8(10) = 10.431644201(7.4)

Then I made the mistake of solving for
7.4(10) = 10(7.4)
I came up with 7.270551032(7.4)

that's right. In Base 7.4:
10(7.4) == 7.270551032(7.4)


I love moments when you prove different numbers are the same.

I looked at jnanacandra at this point and said, "I think I broke Math"

So... my new form of using rational non-integers as numeration bases shall from this day forward have a name.

I call my system:

"Crystal Math"
Tags: broken, howlers, math, numeration systems

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