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Oooh, dear. That's not right

Beatbox redux... and then some: Lasse Gjertsen

Back in March I posted a video of a Beatbox Floutist. Or would that be a flute-playing beatbox?

Today, I introduce folks to Lasse Gjertsen. Lasse is not a beatbox. He doesn't play drums or piano. He is a director and a movie editor.

That being said... Below are two very impressive works by him that display his ability to come off as an unbelievably fantastic beatbox, piano player, and drummer. While still having no ability whatsoever.

I strongly suggest watching in the order listed.

This has of course created some responses, and imitations.
Most, not quite to the quality. But there are a few who've taken the idea and continued to raise its quality:

Stunning work as a one-man-band at this link

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I saw Lasse's bit. Neato. Oh, and to be nit-picky: it's 'flautist.' :-)

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