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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

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Andrei in the office

And now this trip down amnesia lane.

First a commercial:

Now our program... How many do you remember (Note: 30 minutes, Safe for work)

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I remember most of those, lol. Expecially He-Man, my brother was obsessed with Orko when he was growing up. And of course, the Ecto Cooler Hi-C drink. Some which I don't remember:

-: Bravestarr
-: The Littles
-: Captain N
-: Transformers(newer)
-: Blackstar

?? You're only 8 years younger than me and these are all from at least about 15 years after I gave up on Saturday cartoons. Guess you stayed w/em through junior high & high school? Well I was just too appalled when they all turned into the bad bubblegum bands all of a sudden in 1970, which would be about when you'd have actually started watching.

I didn't start liking cartoons again till Ren & Stimpy and Animaniacs.

Oh man, what memories. I know almost all of these. My all time favorite after Battle of the Planets (not a Filmation creation) was Dungeons and Dragons.

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