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Minor Suck - Tivo lost Stargate

Despite what folks may think, we don't watch "A LOT" of current television in our household.

Actually, I think I can count the shows we watch on one hand. Most of it is science fiction. There's Heroes, Doctor Who, and Stargate SG-1. All of which were on hiatus until this weekend.

Stargate left us hanging with a pretty big cliffhanger. For some reason however, when Friday's new episode ran... the Tivo opted to 'blow it off.'

I really hate having to verify that the system is going to perform the way it's supposed to. You find a set of rules and you have to learn to trust them. If not that leads to what others call paranoia. Primarily, because you learn the holes in the system and become sensitive to the surprises.

So... now.. unless I check the Tivo... it looks like we may not get our planned entertainment.

So.. I guess I must put a call out to anyone who might have recorded Stargate SG1, "The Quest, Part 2" It doesn't look like SF is rerunning it anytime soon.

The problem being that I need the episode with closed-captioning in tact. Oh, sure... SF-channel says, "Just go to iTunes and buy it." But let me take a moment to rant.

That's right. Me... Mac-man, the Apple fan. I am not buying a video iPod. I am not buying episodes of tv. I am not buying movies. And I really think no one else should either.

Quite simply.. none of the video is captioned. So.. gosh I can have the privilege of watching video and then reciting it to anyone who need captions.

So.. Looking for Stargate... with captions. psigh :)
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