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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

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Andrei in the office

Personal posts

I got a weird response to a post I made last night. granted, I was falling asleep when I made the post. The person posted anonymously:

leave what happens thats too personal on a date out of view of other people.. otherwise it can seen as a breach of trust. Careful, okay? I'm saying this as a friend, but since you prefer anonymous criticism, thats what I'll give.

The post really confuses me. As to those reading about 'anonymous criticism'; that's more for a series of posts I made called "IS" posts. IS posts were effectively a room with limited readership where I felt I could be free to throw a tantrum. I learned that the mechanism didn't work. Several people told me not to take what other people posted personally, or so seriously, even if I felt included in the post. some of these people also took my tantrums personally. So I have kicked many people out of my IS room.

That having been said, I have to agree with the comments made thus far. I really don't beleive I've posted anything to personal. Further, most of my 'personal' postings have been reduced to a greatly shaved group of friends over the last 3 weeks. Finally, back dating only works for me. If I back date a post, my 'friends' will all see it at the time it was posted, not when it was backdated (as I've been led to believe)

Near bottom line. I'm posting in my journal. I feel I'm in damn good control of what I consider a breech of trust and have gone out of my way to censor specifics that could implicate, embarrass, or directly harm another person. If you are uncomfortable reading my jounral as I have given you trust to read something, tell me and you'll be removed from accessing certain posts. (Many have done this over the past few months) If you feel I have personally attacked, embarrassed, insulted, gone after you. Contact me one on one and i will go out of my way to make it right. (As many have done over the past months) But also be prepared to hear that there was nothing in there intended to be for you.

Bottom line. My journal. My thoughts, my place. i will use best judgement of what is public, what is kept to friends, and what is private and only for my eyes. each reader has every right to disagree with me and tell me if they personally are offended. Every person should have the knowledge that I will respond one on one as well. So if you lash out, be prepared for me to defend as well as attempt to be understanding.

My journal, My thoughts, my place. You have your journal and your thoughts, and your place. I won't tell you what to think....Al least I'll try not to....I ask only the same of others


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Yeah, I just read that comment and it confused me quite a bit. Your journal, feel free to post as you wish, with the knowledge that SOME things may come to bite you in the ass later. ;)


P.S. Just for clarification, I am NOT avoiding you; I'm simply attempting to finish school. I promise to call and/or IM you once I'm down in L.A. for the summer. Just wanted to make that clear, just in case it wasn't. ;)

I don't think your posts have been too personal as of late. Looks like things seem to be on some sort of blance or at least a calm for now. *hugs* You know I love yah lots Bro!

Dude, I love you, but I I can't deal with your problems - I didn't mean it to be mean.

That's one reason why I finally had to disable anonymous posting. There were too many people snooping through my journal looking for slights and finding them whether they were there or not. I don't think the person is much of a friend if they can't be bothered to identify themselves to you. Personally, I'd rather hear my criticisms from said friend to my face. But that's just me.

I must admit that I'm still somewhat confused by you offering to remove other people from your friends list. If they have such a problem with your journals, then why do they continue to read them? Reading them is their choice, and not your responsibility.

No one is forcing them to read anything.

You are probably more considerate than you think that you are :>

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