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Andrei in the office


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Enslin colour

A conward we will go...

So.. niftiness. We are off to Norwescon.

We have an agenda this year.

1) Autographs from cmpriest
2) Scoping out the dealer's room for ideas for jnanacandra

Granted.. if we run into damiana_swan or herne51 that's really not a horrible thing :-D

The nifty part of this post.. is that I've finally gotten my cell phone working as a portable modem. So we are literally en-route.

This means that we have IM and net on the go.

Yes, I really can be that level of geek.

But it's con day... so there.
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(Deleted comment)
We got tethering on the Blackberries because Verizon is only charging us $15 more for it, and $80 for an aircard...


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