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Memetime: This date in andreiblog History

First off, thanks to all the well wishers and dinner participants (and those that supped with us in spirit due to very heavy conflicts)

For the record, due to moving and 13 x 3 wobbles, shifts, and tilts... I am not solar conjunct until 2pm(P)/5pm(E). This is amusing since I was born at 5:16 am (E).

This look back is snarfed from posts from sheistheweather and vixenesque93

What did I post today?
1998: A back dated entry that is now private for administrivia.
(Journal started 2001.10.18)
2002: I note that 33 are down and X remain. Then I comment that I am a yoink for pulling an all-nighter.
2003: I take an astrological approach to the day (and currently note broken image links) and comment that more automated services have mailed me than I'd prefer.
2004: jnanacandra is sick, the story of Benihana and Poker.
2005: The amazing paradox. I don't get to age in 2005.
2006: Be careful what you wish for in 2003. MANY regards this day. :)
2007: Well besides this... we shall see.
Tags: history, meme, meta, solar return

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