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Andrei in the office


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Enslin Torso

A very nice dinner

Gracious thanks to jnanacandra who planned dinner tonight.

She and aiden_freeman and elocinnuala took me for Sushi to celebrate. jnanacandra also surprised me by having vixenesque93 and glitch25 show up as well without telling me.

So a nice night all around. And we heartily conquered the onslaught of fish :)

I'm liking the way this solar year may be shaping up.

Edit: corrected first sentence into English.

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Happy Solar Return, my friend.

Many apologies for missing the gnosh. The week before festival is, as previously metioned, akin to a chicken who, prior to having its head chopped off, ingested a quad latte.


Happy birthday a few hours early!

Happiest of birthdays, luv!!!!

Happy Birthday.. Now who's administering the spankings...

I am ;)

Remember, Auntie Andrei can tell the kids how you and dad met ;)

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