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The weekend

Well, rather than let it gel....


Well, last rehearsal before the play on Saturday. Reading went well. My Faerie called off/out on thursday, but we picked up another actor. Will is very good. Could probably play any male role I give him. Wish he'd auditioned from the start. Went over to shaska's after rehearsal. She wanted to make food for us and I was going to bring a movie over. She asked what kind of soup I was interested in. I suggested wedding soup. I brought over the recently purchased and arrived "What's up Doc"


I started the morning with a reminder that Mass was actually scheduled for today not tomorrow. But this conflicts with the show. I printed up the program and headed off to Kinko's. Whee. An hour later I was on my way to the event spot in Santa Clarita. I got to the event at 1pm. Schuyler House was holding an SCA Quiddich event. Yes, they'd turned Quiddich into an SCA Fighting event. Slitherin' would have won this years cup, except that his 'lowness' Guillume(The evil twin brother of his 'highness' Guillume) had points taken away from the team and Hufflepuff finally won the day.

By 3pm I was still missing cast members. Puck/Hermia (she is doubling up until I can replace hermia) and Lysander were late to the event. They finally showed. Lysander (a coworker from the office)attended his first SCA event. We introduced him the the Baron of his area. (LA county has 5 baronies) I think he may start fighting soon :)

After the event was the revel. Since the fighting was done about 80% of the people not actively participating in the revel left. We have a long way to go with arts appreciation out here. Admittedly, we'd not exactly advertised.
Helena (who is 14 in my cast) led some theatre games.(Improv sports) She's got a good sense for acting; but the fact that she's 14 gets in her way quite alot. The show went off well. We performed the cuttings in a reader's style format. We kept just about everyone in the audience (conscious) for the entirety. (They even laughed when they were supposed Very encouraging and Will with only one rehearsal.

I got home around 10:45. Called shaska.. No answer on her cell. She'd gone to mass. A little twinge of discomfort about not reaching her. But I let it go. Bedtime


Woke up at 7:30, 9:30...No mail or LJ post from shaska. Hmmn, maybe she's asleep (grump)I do some cleaning. 10:00 phone rings. It's her :) We plan on doing some shopping. I hop in the shower and we agree that noon is good. (Strike that, reverse it)

My pants and shirt were clean but really wrinkly. I iron them. 12:10 in the garage and I call. (Gonna be late)....She's at home still looking for a top and says she'll head out Right after that. Good thing I called. I'd be heading to her and she'd be heading here. She was kind of dark when she got here. Head, neck, and stomach all bothering her. It made her feel bad. We went to fashion Valley. I got her some lunch. This helped with the empty stomach feeling. We wandered, we shopped. I helped her pick out two new purses. We finally headed out and i saw a beach towel in her trunk. I suggested pedicure and then to the beech to watch the sun set.

I'd never had a pedicure before. It was interesting. It deserves its own post.We stopped at her place and she changed; then my house for the same. Finally, we went to the local market for food.We made it out to the beech quickly. The convertible top was down. My 80's music was blasting. It was a hell of a ride. The beech was awesome. Yet, at the same time. REALLY COLD.We ate quickly and left.

Back to my place. I suggested a movie. She'd told me earlier in the day she'd never seen Moulin Rouge. i'd picked it up recently on DVD. I showed it to her. Not quite the desired effect. (Not that I know what it was) We wound up talking for about 2 hours afterwards. This too demands 'another post' After that..she left. More tomorrow...We'll see.

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