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Andrei in the office


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Gnostics go PING!

Oh, my gods the pain...

Thank you soooooo much to gwywnnydd for this link:

There was a time long ago... when a Goddess names Carol Burnett owned Television.

The process was very simple. Carol would do a 7pm and 9pm taping.

At 7pm they would follow the script and then at 9...well, all bets were off.

They would depart from the script and see what they could do to make it funnier, or at least throw the other actors.

There was a time not quite so long ago that a man named Robin Williams came along.

And one day, these two met on the stage of battle.

Round 1 went to Carol's Keening.... Round 2 went to Robin's ol' Spiritual.

But the viewers were definitely the victors.

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Sketch, meet Improv.
Improv, meet Sketch.
Try to play nicely, children.

Thank you, I needed that tonight!

two of my favorites of all time together. I adored this show when it was on the air. My favorites were when Tim got the rest of the cast to totally crack up by improving.

You still haven't told me how to post the vids on LJ, bad bad boy :)

1st you need to be a youtube member (it's free)

Once you log on as a member, videos will have 'inline code' on the page. (If the clip contributor is okay with you inlining)

To use it in a post. Just copy the inline code to the post and LJ does the rest.

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