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Status: Who are you meme?

If you're an anonymous poster on the old 3 clues meme or the current one, please check to see if I've gotten close or utterly missed on your posting.

Comments come in screened for people not on my friends list and for people posting anonymously.Typically I unscreen as I make guesses.

Please leave comments in the original threads. Not here.

Edit: damn, I thought I'd put in an lj-cut. Fixed now.

Here's the current status:
Who are you?

Descriptioncluesguessesfaith in
last guess
---Old Ones---
Foot massage recipient4270%Confirmation
3 contexts and ice cubes7320%Clues/conf
extensive working, we 33170%Confirmation
soy milk latte, Labyrinth lover6310%Clues!
Art loving magickal person3120%Clues/Conf?
Red headed wine drinker3180%Confirmation
Poly Artwork Lover710%Start over?
---New Ones---
cast iron chandeliers collector31100%bentnails
Song Quotes: Hallelujah62100%fiannaharpar
Tap dancin' thelemic pagan63100%wednes
Stagnate(sic) changer134100%aryelmoffet
Dreamy son meeter31100%Confirmation?
French speaking Oregonian3190%Self Outed?
Sewing Piano Hater84100%glitch25
Dacin' desert bug42100%sheistheweather
Tea drinkin' ships in the night62100%tygeressdenacht
Orange rooms and Chocolate62100%alfiechat
Right handed Jigsaw Puzzles42100%vixenesque93
Published 11 yr old62100%jnanacandra
Gag reflex42100%herne51
7 yrs, OTO... maybe53100%princekermit
Envious 70's geek3130%Confirmation?
Herniated Army-Brat42100%elocinnuala
Random Facted, anal one3190%Confirmation
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