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Andrei in the office


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My Zen 1

To make up for yesterday...

I've been told that yesterday's family portrait may have disturbed some folk.

I figured I'd post a picture that showed us in a healthier light.

This picture was taken in late January at the installation of Horizon Oasis' latest body master.

The Photo was taken by sorormystica

And yes, I am wearing a kilt with tuxedo tails.
(I didn't necessarily promise this picture would be any less disturbing)

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Hope you feel better soon...I like this picture a lot better. <3

Thanks. Tis I, at the tender age of something like 2-ish.

make me feel all dirty now if I have impure thoughts in your direction ;)

Now this one is more like it! However, that other pic, well, you know the old saying: "A picture says a thousand words?"

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