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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

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Andrei in the office

Youtubing for the day...

So there are 3 youtube videos for the day.

They are behind the cut to prevent flooding your screens.

Video 1) : Igudesman And Joo - A classical violinist and pianist who tribute Victor Borge and Dudley Moore. Their act is called "A Little Nightmare Music". The video here is a comentary on the size of hands necessary to successfully play Rachmaninov.
Thanks to jnanacandra for the link.

Video 2) : Which got me thinking about Dudley Moore. Moore was an hugely accomplished pianist who injected the comedy of classical music into his playing. The video here is Moore showing the real secrets behind Beethoven.

Video 3) : While showing these videos to coworkers, one requested I look for this one.The video here has nothing to do with classical music at all. It is however a humourous re-editing of 'familiar science-fiction' into a public service announcement that only is trying to help.

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I am hopefully seeing Igu and Joo do more and get better as the years go by. That shctick for the Rach is brilliant.

And whoa, Dudley kicked some ass back ina day. I loved watching that!

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