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Pi day is passed... Happy 3/15

Beware the ides of March...

March 15 is an interesting day in my universe.
The day holds 2 specific events I contemplate.

1) March 15th is the Anniversary of my paternal grandfather's death.
A strange thing to remember on initial glance.

My Grandfather Gilbert (for whom I was named loosely in English and directly in Hebrew) died on March 15th, 1968. Exactly 2 1/2 weeks before I was born.

My mother was nearly full term with me at the funeral. So I was born with 3 grandparents. And the one that I think may have been the most intriguing to me was Gilbert. (I am from a long line of 'first sons' which in Judaism is somewhat important.)

2) March 15th is the Anniversary of my Minerval degree.
The date I first took an initiation through the OTO.

This occurred in 1998. Which means I've now been 'in the order' for 9 years.
Ironically, I have only lapsed from being an active member for 1 year.
This occurred shortly after my 2nd degree.

On this I contemplate how I am close to surpass the amount of time I devoted to the SCA (15 yrs) and other odd milestones. I contemplate the changes in who I am and who I was before my time in the order and the things that have occurred. Both to me and the organization.

I also think about this day in context of my knowledge of my grandfather and how he might have reacted to my decisions to join the Order. I think he and I would have gotten along very well. But sadly... almost everyone who knew him has passed. (Gilbert is survived by 2 of his 4 sons)

As mentioned... I'm also on final approach to my next birthday on March 15.

This will be my first birthday with a son.
This will be my first birthday with a face full of white hair.
This will be my last birthday before I place a 4 in front of my age.

Life is odd.

Who'da thunk.

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