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what is that?

MEMETime: Redux: Who the heck are you? How should I know you?

I copied the following meme from one I did almost 3 years ago.

I figured I'd bring it around again.

Here's the game:
Post anonymously, giving me three clues as to who you are. I will try to guess. (I won't check IP addresses.)

I'll add my guesses to your comments, so you'll have to check back now and then.
If I guess wrong, give me another clue. I'll continue until I get it or I give up in despair.

I'll probably be hopelessly bad at this...if I don't know you half-decently, it might be good if your clues are either researchable, or if they offer me some smidgen of hope of coming up with the right answer. But if you're too obvious, it won't be any fun.

On the other hand, post anything you like. What the heck.

Please note: You will be able to comment anonymously, but your comments will be initially invisible. I'll make them visible as I get to them.

Have fun.

P.S. If you played this three years ago and I didn't guess you. make an anonymous comment to this posting with a copy of the link to your clue thread from the old post.

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Well, well, well. That is quite impressive.

I think I narrowed this down to two. Either lrstrobel or jonah777. I didn't recognze the third quote and had to look it up. My BÖC being a little weak.

so after carefull consideration... I think I will go with princekermit

If I am right (which I doubt) I based the guess on number 1.

Interesting path to get there...but it's the wrong answer.

Three more:

1. Though we share so many secrets, there are some we never tell.
2. I remember every little thing, as if it happened only yesterday.
3. I do the rock, it's stimulating.

Battle Hymn of the Republic was evil. I didn't think about the chorus. But "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" and "I do the Rock" reminds me of the chorus of Battle Hymn.

This would of course reduce you down to one of three people. fiannaharpar, nightskye12 or heWithNoLJ: adolfWithAnF

So, I'm gonna have to respond with a lyric of my own....

_____, _____? Who can I turn to?
You give me something I can hold on to.

Jenny, Jenny

God I hate that song.

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