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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Oh, I feel old.

Thanks to firebirdgrrl I am now reminded that:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer debuted... 10 years ago today.

Age check. Who feels just an ounce older.

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I don't feel terribly old think of that. I feel very glad that I'm so far from where I was 10 years ago.

10 years ago, I was:

- trying to get out of the most abusive relationship of my life
- regularly drinking to excess in order to deal with said relationship and exploring the wide variety in hangover types
- working for $8.50 an hour telling people they had to pay for customer service because they were a few months out of warranty
- working 3-13 hour shifts per week while going to school full time with my classes crammed into 2 days per week and my 2 days off were not consecutive
- supplementing my shitty income with a high level of student loand for a program I wouldn't finish
- trying to keep my mother from realizing how shitty my life was when we spoke on the phone several times per week.

If it makes you feel any better, look at it this way...the show has only been off the air for 3 years, and "Season 8" is coming out, courtesy of Dark Horse. So subtract 2 years and feel better about things! :)

*raise hand*

I loved that series..but I kinda like Angel just a bit more..

Hmm...10 Years ago I was married (but only for a year or two depending which wedding you count), living in New Brunswick in an apartment, an employee (which I swore I would never do again), Omni had like 7 people (but that included my Ex and I!), and honestly it was before I was going full tilt on my video game(if there was such a time!).

And people wonder how 100 years can change things so much!

Doesn't matter. Buffy is still cool, and it went on for seven seasons. That means it hasn't been *off* the air all that long. Also, it was an awesome, ass-kicking, fun-loving, character-driven show that lives on via DVD collections.

Ten years ago...March 1997, hmmmm...I was still grief-stricken over the death of a guy I had briefly dated but had strongly considered marrying. His life and death taught me the meaning of "carpe diem," and my life changed dramatically. I had just moved from the 'burbs to the city as a result, and had just gotten back from my first trip overseas--to Thailand, with my dead friend's parents. My world was upside down and dark.

Since then, I battled my way out of the depression day by trudging day. I advanced at work, bought my own home, became a devoted Burner, and learned to belly dance. I traveled a lot. Eventually, I met and fell in love with a man who is eerily similar to my dead friend, in many ways.

Ten years isn't such a bad thing.

ACK!!!!!! Considering that I used to join you for the 98 season.. ACK! 9 years buster.. 9 years... (or will be this fall)

What are you talking about? Buffy is 15 years old.

And nope, not a whit older. The last 10 years have been good to me.

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