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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

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Andrei in the office

Gods... another one....

Stolen from vocis (she to whom I owe my career):


I am 69% worshipable! And you? Find out!

Now, after reading this one. This could make me swear off tests. I played with my answers and I became more 'worshipable' the more I was 'a good boy.' Personally, I think worshipability comes from a strong character, charisma, and a solid belief structure that rivals others.

Granted that's just me. So 'la la la"

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being able to kill others quickly also makes you quite worshipable. Most gods have that innate ability to kill or send you to some kind of hell.

"Fear is better than Love, Fear last's Longer." or something like that....

Leave the darkside and come back to the light. come on you know you wanna... Come to the light.. Come to the light (*said in a mystical eerie voice)

subversive mind control

Yeah way too many of these online quizzes are tainted by the author's own particular opinion of what is right and wrong... I've gotten some pretty whacked results from these quizzes...

The Communists are controlling your thoughts with LiveJournal quizzes. Pass it on.

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