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Andrei in the office


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MEMETime: Crush tag?

Cribbed from vixenesque93

Get your own CrushTag!
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see I'm scared to add one to my journal... what if nobody clicks on it... that's just sad... but you have six... maybe I should embrace my fear and just go for it...

there's at least one hot babe in my house who said she'd click it in a heartbeat :)

Whooooaaaa, how do you and lordandrei know each other...? o.O

Hehe... it's a small world... no? Andrei and I go way back... We used to hang out when he lived in LA. I think we met at a party at a mutual friend's house... what year was that?.

I'm curious about your i_am_lono story, too.

I'm friends with ame_chan, and that's how I internet-know i_am_lono. :D

Well...duh :-)

Though I guess I didn't have to make it a private comment...

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