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Why fixing yourself is very hard...

(the all famous, all pronouncing, all everything) THEY say admitting you have a problem is half the battle.

I thought about this this morning while working on code.

I thought... well, admitting there is a problem is half the battle.
Finding the problem is half of what is left
Identifying and understanding the specifics of the problem is half of what's left
finding the solution to the specific problem is half of what is left
implementing the solution is half of what is left.
Testing that this was the right solution is half of what is left.
Accepting the change is half of what is left.
Leaving extra room for all the other problems you'll need to fix once you've fixed this one.

That's right. Fixing yourself is hard because it is the ultimate Zeno's Paradox.

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I disagree, but that's because changing one's self is an individual experience and mine has not been this kind of circular event.

So, as with everything, everyone's mileage will vary :-)

after you've implemented the solution, it's only going to bite you in the ass 3% of the time. i think i'd declare that "fixed."

in a finite world, perfectionism is a vice. ;>

even when you're a grand master of a martial art, you still sometimes lose your balance. it's just that you recover so fast that no one else ever notices.

Re: also on that note...

Or, as Jascha Heifetz once remarked to someone who expressed amazement that he always played perfectly in tune, "I don't have perfect intonation. I just fix it very fast."

But, according to G.I.Joe, Knowing is Half the Battle. Ergo, you end up with a curve approaching 150% of one battle.

G.I. Joe was a cartoon about soldiers at war who never got injured.

I never believed anything on that show. :)

(Deleted comment)
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