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Media Captivity: Day 3 ( minus 15 minutes )

Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead

Caveat: This is a rant. It is mean spirited and lashes out against someone. Please do not take it as a defining point of who I am. It's just something I want to get out of my system. Thank you.

I will be completely honest. When I watch the Academy Awards I really get emotional seeing all the celebrities that passed over the last year. Creative people who made a mark on media.

That being said... I am finding it really f&#*ing hard to have any respect for someone who I've heard more about dead than alive. I don't care who she is. I don't care who she dated. And I really don't care that she was a playmate of the year in 93. I don't care that she may or may not have been a gold-digger.

At least Norma Jean had talent and added to media history.

I realize this is cold and callous but I really feel like this is an engineered story for the masses and we really don't need this kind of stuff anymore. There are good people out there who accomplish things every day. And they don't get one - one MILLIONTH the attention that the crap in the tabloids sell.

Personally, I'd like to hear more of the good... and have to hear less of the trash.

Feel free to respond to this with something you feel you've accomplished. Something you feel good about. No matter how minor or inconsequential you might feel.

feel free to pass this on. Maybe we can actually get a feel of good news worth sharing.

(Fuddy duddy... signing off)
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