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Andrei in the office


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So let's see. What is sheer terror

aiden_freeman had gotten to the point where he indicates when he wants to sit up. He holds out his arms, I take his hands and he pulls himself to a sitting position.

For those that are worried, I do not pull on the arms, he does this entirely by himself.

Well tonight he decided to mess with my head.

He started waving wildly, so I took his hands.

He pulled himself up (what seemed to be) very quickly. So quickly that I was convinced he was going overbalance and fall forwards.

Instead, as he rolled past his center of balance He stretched his legs.

That's right.. he went from a laying position through a sitting position and stood up.

Now he can't sit or stand fully on his own. But watching him rise to his feet assisted, knowing that it was his decision to get to his feet was amazing. And just a little bit terrifying.

P.S. I wrote this as I was dozing off. interestingly, every-time I nodded off, I kept typing what was at the edge of my brain. I've had to delete at least 5 lines of subconscious drivel.

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(Deleted comment)
My moment of sheer terror was watching jonah777 and 6 year old j leap from stone to stone at Freeway Park. Yes, the really tall climbing stones with concrete at the bottom. They were leaping from one to the other like so much hopscotch. After about a minute, I couldn't watch.

I will admit, it's amazing how quickly they change. Just when you are use to one thing, they come up with something new, and sometimes drastically new! He'll be running around asking for chips before you know it! ;)

Huzzah! Soon he will be running around and terrorizing your household on a regular basis!

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