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what is that?

The license plate was almost subtle.

For those watching Heroes, the License plate on Hiro's father's car was in fact "NCC 1701". For those who aren't watching... Hiro's father is being played by George Takei

All I have to say about tonight's episode...

That's probably going to greatly reduce the number of "Claire-Peter" 'shippers
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Not in most of the fandoms I've seen. :P

Was SO NOT expecting that ending!

(Deleted comment)

is that he misjudged the girl he liked based on surreptiously spying on her. Had a very mono-minded reaction...

THanks for pointing that out. I caught your post before watching the show but knew to look for it. I love it! Such a good little spot. I should have guessed but had no idea George could speak Japanese.

If I remember correctly

Takei said in interview that he is completely fluent but this marks the first time in performance he's been asked to use his Japanese.

I'm clueless about the meaning of that.

I was amused that I figured out who Daddy was based on the view of his arm from last week. ::shakes head::

Yeah, he's clueless and crap. Ah well.

Clueless about the meaning of which?

Yeah.. I had my suspicions too.

Re: Clueless about the meaning of which?

Licence plates...

Re: Clueless about the meaning of which?

NCC1701- Was the ships's registry for the USS Enterprise

Re: Clueless about the meaning of which?

Ah. Which explains why I utterly missed it. I'm an odd geek - I can't stand Star Trek. I get much flack from my friends. I knew there was a reason he looked familiar, however...

Takei was so butch, I loved it! I'm so gonna hug him at D*C this year.

I bet the shippers are gonna increase because people are freakin sick.

Ando is such a perv.

That's fabulous!

Man, I adore Heroes.

I could kill my TV though; all of the subtitles fall off at the bottom of the screen and my Japanese is so rusty I may as well have never learned any.

Subtitles fall off? And...

on our set the Japanese translations are often in the middle of the screen. Is it an old set?

Love the show. Got hooked the first time I watched. Which lucky for me was "Six Months Ago". Sci Fi followed it with a Marathon. So I caught up really fast.

And on other topics.

How the hell have you been? :)

I had this great idea that I was going to stop being frustrated by cliff-hangers and was just going to DVR a whole bunch of episodes before I watched any of them. Then my wife started reporting that an episode here and there was mysteriously being deleted. Apparently she was trying to delete one of her shows she had watched, but instead it was deleting an unwatched episode of heros... so now there are two or three starting back in decemeber that i can't watch... i guess that totally fouled up my plans, not sure what to do now.

Re: nbc posts the episodes online

awesome, you're a lifesaver!

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