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Andrei in the office


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Oooh, dear. That's not right

Weekend retreat and the sexualization of the Superbowl

I'm not really going to go into the weekend concerning the Horizon Oasis officer's retreat. I will summarize by saying it was wonderful, productive, and I have great enthusiasm for the body's direction.

I also did a LOT of work with Eleusyve Productions producers on the upcoming Rite of Venus

I got home in time to watch the Superbowl. I really had little interest in who won. The first half was good, the second half... well, Sexy Rexy and the Bears kinda collapsed on themselves.

But of course... the ads.

This year's winner hands down had to be "Career Builder." The monkeys never really worked for me and this years Corporate Grind meets Survivor was stunningly well done.

2nd place goes to Budweiser (whose Bud Light feel-good ads got old) who may have been hit or miss but the King of the Crabs spot was wonderful.

Points to Diamond foods for the most surreal moment with Robert Goulet.

But a special nod to the challenging of middle America with two very non-standard sexual moments.

I believe it was snickers that showed two men kissing. (right near the beginning) but the Bulls-eye had to be an incredibly tame and entertaining Prince mini concert right down to the shadow show of his AMAZINGLY phallic guitar.

I just never noticed that in the old "Glyph" and boy did he show it on TV.

Interestingly... no news agency has commented on this.

So... quiet Superbowl. Good, productive weekend. Long week ahead.

Hopefully more soon.

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My favorite was the Blockbuster commercial. "You gotta plug it in!" LOLOLOL

I am so glad that someone posted about the phallic guitar, because I was beginning to think that it was just me and my dirty mind.

and started to gawk immediately. I'm surprised there hasn't been more coverage on this. I mean he even did pelvic thrusts with the thing.

Granted... I'm also a proponent of subversion. So if he gets away with it entirely... Points for him.

Careerbuilder was a blast.
I have to give kudos to E-trade for the "robbery" ad.

Bud Light feel-good? Did you catch the first one (Rock, Paper, Scissors?) Hillarious. And the tech in you had to giggle about the English lessons.

There's still a soft spot in me for the Nationwide, even if it was prolonging the agony that is (the other) FedEx

What makes me scratch my head is to see some of the ones like the Honda CRV, the Doritos or the FexEx on the Moon. Millions of dollars just for the air time and that is as good as they get?

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