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This family walks into a talent agency...

I'm not going to go into a complete review of The Aristocrats which I finally saw on Netflix today while on baby watch.

Suffice it to say... It was amazing. I loved it. And I don't recommend it to anyone unless you can transcend vulgarity to see the meta-humour.

I would like to point out 2 things from the documentary. One is an fantastically performed version of the joke as a series of card tricks.

But the most important thing is a quote from Saint George Carlin. Because it hit me on a philosophical level at the core of who I am. It's an interesting quotation because I know it is fundamentally how I feel about the world and how I live my life. It seems to run utterly counter to the philosophy of Thelema that is also very much a piece of who I am. I see how the two paths run together in my universe. And it also makes it clearer to me when I've really pissed people off in my world.

I like this because it puts together an idea in a very simple and succinct way while not losing any of the impact of it's viciously subversive nature.

I do like finding out where the line is drawn, deliberately crossing it, bringing some of them with me across the line, and having them be happy that I did. - George Carlin

Possibly, I'll go further about "The Aristocrats" later.
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