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Andrei in the office


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Heed my Will

Just for the record... Thursday Schedule

Today's schedule

0400 Wake up (Clean up/dress)
0415 Feed the Kitty, collect work stuff
0420 Off to work (Snohomish to Redmond)
0445 In office
0500 Update codebase
0515 Work on Code
0845 Code works, build test versions
0900 Back to home for Dentist (Redmond to Snohomish)
0945 Stop at home. Greet family. Yay family
1000 Off to dentist (inspection, cleaning)
1200 Back to office for meetings (Snohomish to Redmond)
1245 Demo of mostly working code to PM
1300 Restroom and caffiene
1315 Prep for main meeting (Write this LJ Post)
1330 Team meeting
1530 Check in code changes from morning
1545 Head for home (Redmond to Snohomish)
1700 Arrive home.
1730 With family stop by grocery for IF dinner (We're catering tonight)
1800 Off to IF (Snohomish to Monroe)
1830 Intimate Fire meeting (w/ dinner)
2030 Head for home (Monore to Snohomish)
2100 Home. Hopefully aiden_freeman will go to sleep. 17 hr day.

Fortunately, they are very rarely this bad.

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The 4am to 6am part is the killer.

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