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Creative Reinterpretation or Travesty against Nature?

This time it's a YouTube Video AAAAND a Poll.

That's right kids... This is Dee Snyder of Twisted Sister in the video for his cover of Eleanor Rigby by The Beatles.

So.. you tell me.

Poll #908969 Creative Reinterpretation or Travesty against Nature?

What did you think of Dee Snyder's 'Eleanor Rigby'

Loved it
It was okay
I'm really not sure
Kinda twigged me
Hang the Bastard

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I think the shades and creative camera angles were an effort to distort the fact that the guy is, like, a hundred years old. But hey, at least he's working.

Still, though - somewhat traumatizing. The video would have been a lot more ok without him in it, because cutting back and forth from him to the shots of people and the "storyline" was distracting.

two points really:

a. he should have sucked on a cough drop before doing this one. Lemmy's "I'm singing upside down to make my voice sound like your grandmother's" could have sounded smoother than Dee's was in certain points. It's like Dee recorded everything once once afternoon, afterward smoked two too many packs of cigarettes across the night, then recorded everything over again the next morning without even downing a cup of coffee to wash off the vocal cords -- and bits and pieces from the pre-smoke and post-smoke got intermingled randomly.

b. while singing slightly behind the beat then catching up right at the end of musical phrases is perfectly normal in many genres, singing ahead of the beat makes it sound like the singer is racing ... and a total rhythmic nincompoop...

I think Dee has a good voice, and it was probably was okay until the Star Search moment at the end.

I love that song, and I love Dee Snider (although I never liked Twisted Sister very much), so yeah, I love the hell out of that. It's possibly his best vocal performance yet.

I wasn't impressed by the cover itself. Eleanor Rigby just isn't the same without the orchestral background. The video was interesting though.

Shining moments interspersed with blahh

Overall I give it a positive vote, but I would mark it down as failing to live up to its potential.

The replacement of the string echos with the electric guitar was nice, but inconsistant. There were many moments of silence where the orchestra used to be, but not at every point which would have made me feel something other than expectation.

He really misses the tune in a few places, which is fine for the style when it is stylized (I really liked the effect of this in the chorus) but it was inconsistant enough durning the verses to feel unintentional.

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