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Andrei in the office


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Gnostics go PING!

MEMEtime: I like you... I really, really like you

It seems appropriate that I got this from fiannaharpar

Reply to this post, and I'll tell you at least one reason why I like you. Then put this in your own journal, and spread the love.

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Never have I met anyone who's easier to get along with

For some reason, I think of Trapper John McIntyre.

Not trying to make you out to be the 'sidekick' but I tend to view the world in a sort of Peirce centric world.

You have a wonderous sense of humour and a warm spirit. It is rare to see you anger and a hoot to laugh with you.

A good friend... thru and thru.

I'm listening to a song called "Tom Cruise Scares Me", and you're one of the few people I know that would appreciate it.

So, tell me more about my eyes.

I have no ideas who this is....

So you'll have to leave a comment.. Hopefully from the same machine so I know who it is.

I'm the total tard who forgot to log in before commenting.
You like me why?

I'm the total tard....

who commented to the anonymous post before reading thru.

We are often like night and day yet have so much in common. We've pi&#ed each other off good and been thru some s&#t-miserable times together.

We have death pacts (no disfiguring car accidents) and really weird memories.

And I would trade one second of any of it... ever.

We've both seen each other grow, change, and still not lose that spark that made us friends on day one. :)

I've never been one to 'see auras'. But I know when someone pulls my focus.

I was pleased to talk with you the first time and have been very happy for the friendship that's grown between us as we've gotten to know each other.

Well, for starters...

...every attempt to hit on you has failed entirely. So much that I don't even think it's been apparent.

Apart from that. You have this wonderful aire of normalcy that you project. I say project because the more I get to know you the more wonderously bizarre you really are. And it's that massively cool kind of bizarre that just makes me want to learn more about you and get more chance to hang out.


Re: Well, for starters...

It's nothing personal; everyone's attempts to hit on me fail.

And thank you for the compliment in a bizarre sort of way!

(Deleted comment)
You had me at, "no this is the half that I kept from the break up"

And you know to what I refer.

Between the two of us, I think our respective collections could blind, maim, or kill.

hrmn. I was wrong. Don't like you at all ;)

Theatre, occult, and the only person I have presented to their future husband.

dude.... the only thing not to like is you moved to freakin' North Carolina...

But we will make it out there. Oh yes.. that we will :)

Okay.. this is a tricky one.

Due to the fact that we speak.... so often. ;)

Well, you were a friend of jnanacandra's. You lived in across the pond.. which appeals to my inner anglophile. And in general there is a niftiness about you :)

Hmmm...lets see if you remember (grin)

So i wanted to take some time on this. ...

just not as long as I did. Baby, work, and all the other things and I fall off LJ at an inopportune moment.

Do I remember you? Well, I met you as your old LJ name, but I will learn the new name.
I remember our first meeting. I was accompanying jnanacandra to her birthday photoshoot. I remember this day clearly because there was this stunning redhead who I spent the day utterly trying not to stare at. She had the most amazing face and smile. And eyes that you could fall into that betray a deeper wisdom than you could guess.

All that, and the most amazing personality. Oh, if I weren't an introvert hiding in the shell of an extrovert in public I probably would have said more. But I digress.

I think in alegory, pictures, and concepts. Perhaps why I like stage direction. For some reason whenever I hear: "Girl in the Garden" by S00j, I can clearly see a video with you. Always smiling, never letting on the true story behind the song as a doting younger sister comes up to you praying that you won't give in. (It's very pretty in my head)

yeah.. I think I remember you. And I like doing that. Which sort of answers the whole question of the post, I hope. :)

you know.. you're a tricky one...

I remember you very vividly from Notocon (2003). I remember many of your posts. But I honestly don't remember hanging out with you much when I was in the Blake/Living Flame area. This must just be my flakey memory with age.

You are a curious enigma. There are many sides to you. Much like a puzzle. But at the same time... I don't perceive you as someone looking to be figured out. .Therefore the puzzle is entirely on me... And this I often find enjoyable.

Re: you know.. you're a tricky one...

I'm flattered ... and you've struck this Gemini otherwise speechless :)

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