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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Why, yes... I have been busy: Office 2008 for Mac

Microsoft announces Office 2008 for Mac

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I'm looking forward to seeing how it will compare with iLife '07...

Sure hope its not oversized and bugy. I still like the layouts on the win progs but it takes up alot of space (at least on my hard drive).

So this is what youve been working on...cool.
Good job man!!! Now make it better!!! haha

regarding the above statement:
I have a 4gig 350mhz proprietary piece of %&$* pc.
and two 6or 7 year old imacs.

Re: will it be expensive

This comment has become the springboard for a post I am working on. Thanks for the inspiriation :)

BTW: Should I recognize this acct? I'm not sure who this is.

Re: will it be expensive

It is Paulyou I........d my wife Christine.atbluehorizon it was one of your last there before you left and we almost visited you when we went on a trip to seattle.

Who am I??

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