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Intimate Fire 1st Q Schedule


Intimate Fire has events scheduled for this quarter (Jan - Mar)

It's calendar time!

Thursday, Jan 25th, 7pm:
Presentation: A new look at the Tree of Life, by Moonflower's David Benson

Thursday, Feb 22nd, 7pm:
Class: Introduction to Ceremonial Ritual

Thursday, Mar 22nd, 7pm:
Ritual: Intimate Fire Spring Equinox

All events are free, donations are welcome. First timers are warmly welcomed.

For more information:

93, 93/93

Intimate Fire is a group of O.T.O. initiates in the northeast Puget Sound region of Washington state, working towards becoming chartered as a recognized local body of Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.). We hold classes, discussions, and rituals, with the intent of exploring the philosophy of Thelema and facilitating and supporting our work as practicing ceremonial magicians.
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