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A nice quiet evening with friends to end the year...

They say you should start the new year in a manner that you want the year to play out.

Looks at checklist... check.

About a week and a half ago, I decided to continue what is now become about a 5-6 year tradition. Andrei's 3 year New-Year's rotation.

Year one: Go to friends for New Years
Year two: Take an awesome trip somewhere
Year three: Host a shindig.

And looking back:
'05-06: Portland
'04-05: A wonderful night at elqahar's
'03-04: Well, at least there was scrabble... ahem
'02-03: Las Vegas
'01-02: Friends in Pasadena with intent on going to the rose parade.

So we sent out a quick evite. If you are local and I didn't get an evite out to you this year... huge apologies. It was planned late and we were trying to estimate how many could fit.

I made my usual host-run to the super market. Remembering everything except pineapple juice.(hee hee hee) (There were 4 'hee's and then I felt, 3 was more than enough). Veggies, peel and eat shrimp, soda, chips, and bubbly.

Now let me find my RomperRoom magick mirror and look around:
vixenesque93 and glitch25, herne51 and his three friends: (kethar, eternal_synn, and R)
princekermit, elocinnuala, and the highly entertaining 1_wolfsong
jackal_child even came out of moth balls to drop in. She seems to have gotten along with my other friends.
Of course there were the usual band of suspects around: jnanacandra, lordandrei, aiden_freeman, and cute_evil.

So 12, a child, and a cat.

The highlight of the December evening was tuning in Dick Clark and looking at the Disney Animatronic that he has turned into. We realized after 10 minutes that Dick doesn't blink. After about another 10 minutes he blinked. Everyone took a drink. The DC Rocking NYE was hilarious. They showed a scary Gwen Stafani wannabe entertaining and they'd occasionally cut to audience members. Usually with looks of horror and disgust. This means the segment director will either get a promotion or fired. :)

aiden_freeman actually was a dream. After about 8 pm. He actually 'went down'. Heather put him in bed and he napped rather successfully. He woke at about 11:55 pm. Fortunately, jnanacandra was able to make it downstairs with him latched with 45 seconds to go. So, aiden_freeman rang in the new year attached to a breast. So we know what his 2007 will be like.

After midnight there was much bubbly and discussion of the house rules. More on that in a separate post. Many people brought ale and mead, and other snacks. I think we still have an unopened Pecan Pie. herne51 and his new housemate eventually wound up crashed in the den. princekermit and the twins wound up crashed in the temple. (Hey, he's a priest... it was appropriate accommodations)

Sadly we never got around to playing the new "Munchkin Impossible"

The overnighter's headed out around 11:30 to go be Polar Bears on New Years. (Shiver)... I've begun the digging out from cans, bottles, and glasses.

aiden_freeman is now happily riding and being spastic in his chair. Which we got for about half price at a "Just For Kids" consignment store. jnanacandra is writing her beginning of the year post as well.

All-in-all... this year has started exactly how I'd like the rest of the year to be.

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