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But while I'm on the topic of holidays....

When you are a raised Jewish and then move on to an incredibly non-traditional religion (Say like the EGC)... Dec 25th is that day. Until you have a partner who views the world the same way you do, it's typically bidding loved ones off to see their families and sitting round the house with nothing to do.

Now, they say that idle hands are the devil's playthings. After this video, I think I can firmly agree.

I really should be ashamed of liking this one. This one comes with my standard caveat... If you're under 25-30 and didn't watch tv as a kid you probably won't get it. On the other hand if you did... you have to marvel and the apparent hours if not week s wasted in the pursuit of unnecessary perfection.

So... a touch of the Hawaiian spirit on this day of... well this day.

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