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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Had my first Aiden Dream...

I've been surprised that I haven't really been having a lot of baby dreams.

Granted... I tend not to remember dreams.

I remember (in the dream) picking him up and setting him down. Later when I went to move him he was 3 ft tall. Then he was 4 1/2 ft. And after a few minutes he was 6' tall. Then he started talking. he tried to convince us that this was a perfectly normal growth spurt. But he was using words that we hadn't said in front of him.

We decided to go for a ride. Someone suggested I should take him to his pediatrician because something seemed very wrong. We tried to get him into clothes that would be acceptable for a baby that was his size. But it turned out we didn't have any.

And the dream turned left from there.

The problem dreams cause is that they feel real. Situations occur and you simply accept them and try to deal with them.

I just woke up and looked at him.

I was happily relieved when the brain went, "Ah, yes.... dream"

I smile to myself now as I write this... "Don't grow up too fast, Aiden. Enjoy it now while you have it."

And for those who haven't seen it yet...

He has it :) See recent favourite pict: from gallery of picts from a visit from queenofhalves

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