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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Now that's faith in a show...

Haven't hopped on the Heroes bandwagon?

Waiting because you've missed episodes?

Don't want to pay for iTunes?

NBC has now posted all 11 episodes from the 1st half of the season.

You will have to sit thru a small commercial before each... But if you want to see the series... It's online.


Note: Mac users may have to use Firefox. Safari had some problems.
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Just bought a season pass.

Words can't express.

I didn't particularly care for it, myself. I don't see the appeal in it.

Thank you! I am intrigued by that show (I LOVE superhero stuff...) but I missed too many eps in the beginning and just gave up on it. YAY! Now I can jump in!

Sweet, because I

a. have been meanning to watch Heroes

b. don't want to pay to do so

c. just switched over to Firefox

So thanks!

I watched the first four episodes of Heroes last Wednesday. The website's first episode wouldn't load for me, so I paid the $2 to iTunes for it. Then I watched the other three on the website.

It seemed cheesy and stupid to me, and yet I found myself continuing to watch. I'm curious to watch more, too. I don't get it. Feels somewhat like watching a train wreck, however.

I think I'm hoping it'll get better. And I'm just curious enough about where it's going to lead, since what I've seen so far is so...disjointed. I wouldn't pay for more episodes at this point, but I plan on watching the rest of the 11 up there when I have the time.

Aww feh, it keeps telling me the clip isn't available in my location. -.- My sister's downloaded all the episodes possible with their nice fast computer, I'll have to look into downloading some as well it seems.. Very neat that they have it available like this. :)

Probably US distribution only

Soon, well hope.

I kinda got in late, around the fourth of fifth episodes, and then later managed to watch all but one of the earlier episodes when they got replayed at some point. I've got the last one recorded but haven't watched it yet, specifically because it's the last one this year and I'm waiting for the next one to record so I won't have to sit around waiting after I watch it.

I have to say... I think the show is kind of neat, but the "previews" are really getting on my nerves lately... I have been left feeling really let down based on what I felt I was promised for that episode. And then with the whole thing where they jumped back six months I just had a sinking feeling like maybe they were going to keep stringing us on like that forever. The last preview they saw they said "...you ain't seen nothing yet!" and I'm like "Duh, tell me something I don't know. You've established the premise and told us what's going to happen, and then you showed us it happening (in excrutiatingly slow motion imho), feeding us little good scraps here and there like dogs, now show us something neat, like the bomb going off already and Hiro turning back time to stop it with some more cool special effects!"

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