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Memetime: The Year in Review

List the first line of the first post of the each month of this year:

Jan: Well, the questions from yesterday got pretty well taken down and undertakers on the whole did very well.
Feb: I seem to be the center of IM hell from time to time.
Mar: I will be talking to company X about a full-time job working on project Y that I would absolutely kill to work on.
Apr: I feel like Father Mouse in "Twas the Night Before Christmas"
May: Thanks to a posting by damiana_swan
Jun: A while ago (Nov '03) to be exact I posted the lyrics to a song by Yes that I really like called, "Changes"
Jul: So... if there is a creature known as the HGA: Holy Guardian Angel; which we might be able to define as the perfected self that tries to lead us toward the path of self perfection...
Aug: Oh dear... the two great tastes that taste great together.
Sep: So... my manager told me that with his first child he kept telling people he was at Defcon 4.
Oct: In the 80's I paid my way thru college (or more properly earned a couple of bucks on the side) as a professional DJ playing "Top 40" music with an Urban emphasis.
Nov: they decided to torture me again.
Dec: I have been sick since Sunday, November 26th. This would officially make it 5 days now.
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