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Grumble Grumble Police State Grumble

I have been sick since Sunday, November 26th. This would officially make it 5 days now. Yesterday I discovered that the problem is that none of the medications I've been buying have had pseudophedrine hydrochloride in them.

For those that have missed the news...

This med has been used to make methamphetamine and methcathinone. Thus the appearance of your friendly neighborhood meth labs. Thus to further protect the industires of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms to create products that can kill you; the Guilty until proven innocent government has extended the Patriot Act by turning the purchase of pseudophedrine into a suspect act.

Why yes, I can use strong, partisan-like language. I'm sick and had to present papers for cold medicine

Yes, to purchase medication I had to present government papers for inspection (my DL) and sign a form in a book where my purchase was logged along with my ID information. the form acknowledged tat I understood what the federal penalties were for exceeding the purchase limits of my medications.

I only pray that someone doesn't discover a way to make orange juice, milk, or water into a street drug. I have had it pointed out to me that it's easy to make nitroglycerin... but people on the street aren't really trying to score a good explosion.

Just a little sick-inducd bile to assure that I will never be elected to fix this stuff.
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