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Heed my Will

I've been told...

...that the videos I've been posting of late are getting people a bit unhinged.

So of course... I have to take this as a challenge.

Everyone needs to change their image once in a while. Garth Brooks for a while was.. well, that sorta emo guy.

I think that when an artist tries to get back to their roots they should be entirely encouraged.

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Hahahaha! That was brilliant.

Now if only GWAR would get back to their roots in a similar fashion.

Unhinged? Waaaaay too late, videos or not.

Just for the record, Garth Brooks' "alter ego" was a movie character who also happened to be a rock star. They made a single, they released the single and the movie never made it out of post. Garth got a lot of shit for that...

Dude. I don't know what's more frightening, how well that came off or how really nice looking Al is with short hair and no 'stache.

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