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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Power is back.

It was a lonnnng 4 day weekend. Power is back but there's a good 3+ inches of snow out there with more on the way. Also, temperatures are dropping and there is now rain.

I expect many school cancellations tomorrow.

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Glad the lights are back on.
I wouldn't hold my breath on the cancellations.

It all depends on the roads and whether or not they ice over dangerously. I expect there to be cancellations north of the line between Seattle & Carnation that is under a "Heavy Snow Warning" from the National Weather Service and delays in districts south of that line.

Heh. I'm watching for reports from 3 schools: Highline (because that's our neighborhood), Seattle (because that's where j. attends, and Shoreline CC for jonah777. If Seattle cancels, my office will probably close. If Highline cancels, I'm working from home and they can bite me.

Snow?! What the hell is this snow you speak of?

Lmao, very different climates we live in. Three inches of snow is nothing here. Once we get up to two feet we start worrying. :P

We just got snow out at the beach today too!

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