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The weekend, a first look.

Well, to start of I should point out that I'm not exactly typing this Journal entry. I bought a copy of ViaVoice this weekend at the Apple Store in Palo Alto. So far I'm really, really impressed with it. But, more on that later.

Lainie got in Thursday at about 7:00 p.m.. She was expecting the flight to come in late; it did but only by about five minutes. We went to Hertz, where I picked up the rental that I'd reserved (gosh, I love corporate extended gold memberships for free. )

I stopped back the office on the way home from the airport. One of my co-workers had taped the season finale of 24. (oh yeah, I really need to watch that.) We got back to my place about 10:30 p.m. and pretty much trundled off to sleep.
The drive from Los Angeles to the Bay area was pleasant. It was also far longer than I thought would be. My original ETA was approximately somewhere in the noon and 1:00 p.m. range. in his district took approximately five and half hours this was an unreasonable estimation. We arrived in Pleasanton around 4:30 p.m.. Joy am Andreas has already gotten a room at the Residence Inn. It was a queen size room. This would not fit for adults comfortably. (unless they were very, very friendly with each other. ) I opted to check into my own room at the Residence Inn, Joy was able to get me a very good rate, and we managed to luck-out and get room that was two doors down from them.

I hadn't brought some toiletries with me. Having flown recently I have adopted the practice of not packing my razors and my shaving kit. I realize this is an irony. After settling in a bit we found our way to the local mall to shop little for clubbing planned that evening and to find me razors.

Eventually, we made our way up to San Francisco. The club was quieter than the last time I had been there. But, I figured this would be a good thing as it was the first time for everybody else. Everyone seemed to be having and "Okay" time, but I don't think anyone's heart was really in it.

From there we went to a diner in the Mission District. The food was pretty good ... It was a diner ... the local color was ... there. and from there back to the hotel and crash.

Saturday, we decided to hit some tourist spots. The first went to a place called "The mystery spot." located in Santa Cruz this is an apparent gravity well where physics is supposed to take a hike. People lean, their heights change, and balls seemingly roll uphill. We basically decided it was really just a well done scam but worth the entertainment for $5 a head. From there we went our way to a Palo Alto and stopped in the Apple Store and local borders. As said earlier I got a dictations software package and am attempting to use it to make this journal entry. Saturday evening, Lainie and I went back to San Francisco to meet up with an online friend of hers. We dragged her friend back to the hotel and socialized for a good two or three hours.

Sunday we dropped Lainie's friend off at the transit station. and headed down to San Jose to meet another old friend of hers. This friend was Josh Gellar. This is the man who created the Usenet newsgroup alt.magick. this by itself was impressive. Josh took us to the Winchester Mystery House. This was a bizarre experience. Afterwards, I took Lainie to see the Tech museum in San Jose. Well, actually it was just see the dynamics sculpture in the front. I like to visit that whenever I'm in San Jose. From there we made the long trek home.

and so I'm home now. My guest is flying back to Chicago. My friends will be returning to Detroit to some time today. I talked to shaska on the phone for about two hours today. I found myself inspired to begin cleaning more. I had written through the divider line this morning when I woke up. The text after the divider line our road starting about 25 minutes ago after finishing emptying the trunk of my car.

Yup, the trunks of of my car is now empty. Well, not completely empty. There are two umbrellas closed neatly at the back of my trunk. There is one good bottle of coolant in the right side of my trunk. and there are two bottles of oil sealed in the left side of my trunk. I also looked at the spare for the first time in probably six to eight months.

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