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I'd like to announce my intent to run for Congress.

Having looked at both candidates and been utterly unpleased with the unclear statements, double talk and finger pointing...

(You see, the internet is a series of tubes)

I'm writing in myself for U.S. Representative. I invite anyone voting for U.S. Representative District 2 (For washington state) to write me in as well. (Andrei Freeman)

Personally I fully expect to capture at least 50% of the eligable voters in my household. Which means.. Well.... Um.. I guess it doesn't mean anything.

I suppose I need a platform. Um. If elected I will be happy to stand in the House and call people on Bulls*&t. Other than that. I guarantee I don't agree with anyone else on all their issues. But then again.. At least I'll admit that.

Write in candidate via LJ. Because the alternatives kinda suck.
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