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Halloween and Injuries... What a post other than Sunday

Well, it's another halloween. I love this holiday.

I still need to track down pictures for 2005's furry costume. I know we took them. Just need to find'em

I seem to have gotten into a rotation of Make, Buy, Fake

As always... I should do some catch up:

This is oddly the 1 yr anniversary of the Microsoft interview that didn't pan out.

Also... as you read... Sunday I managed to ding myself rather bad.

Interestingly, no one at work seems to want to ask. They look... they notice... But they never ask. Which was sad because my wife had two answers prepared:

Her: Did you tell them that I've been beating you?
Me: This? Oh.. um... The first rule is that I can't talk about it.

no one asked. :(

So.. now the recap for the newer readers

Again.. I love Halloween:
2005: I went furry. Tiger mask, tail, fuzzy slippers. Pictures forthcoming
2004: Gene Simmons (AGAIN) (details)
2003: 70's disco hell. This costume was sadly renamed 'Ron Jeremy'
2001,2002 - My fuddy-duddy not doing Halloween Years
2000: My personal favourite: The scary conservative without a costume

Costumes in the 90s included: The Crow, Dream (Sandman), more Gene Simmons (better pictures eventually),
and a personal favourite: Wakko Warner

Wakko was exceedingly (and surprisingly) hard to do. Finding a powder blue turtleneck in September/October teaches you what fall colours and styles are. I did the ears by using pipecleaners and hairbands in my hair. A friend made the tail. I bought the hands and feet.

Sadly, however... Many people thought I was Mickey Mouse. Which (due to that link especially) is understandable.

So this year.

This year was my, "Throw money at it" year. I knew what I wanted to do... And I tracked down all the pieces online.

Personally, I'm certain security will ask me to remove an obvious part of the costume. (No, not weapons)... But I think it's the best work I've done... Better pictures soon. For now...

Beneath this mask there is more than flesh.
Beneath this mask there is an idea, Mr. Creedy, and ideas are bulletproof.

I love Halloween
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