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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Something less serious... The 80's were silly

In the 80's I paid my way thru college (or more properly earned a couple of bucks on the side) as a professional DJ playing "Top 40" music with an Urban emphasis.

What this means is that I know "Buffalo Dance" and "Cherry Pie" by heart whether I want to or not.

I found myself listening to one of my compilation discs last night on the 'drive home.'

I realized... You know this stuff was big and popular.. I really loved some of these songs... but in retrospect... They're really silly. The whole group was just, really... silly.

So, I'm curious... It's a top 5 list.

What are the 5 acts of the 80s that you liked, loved, knew were popular... but... 15-25 years later... Wow. What were they thinking. What were we thinking?!?!

Results.. next week :)

Poll #834450 Top 5 80's act that you loved, but in retrospect...they're really silly

#1 Silliest Music Group of the 80's

#2 Silliest Music Group of the 80's

#3 Silliest Music Group of the 80's

#4 Silliest Music Group of the 80's

#5 Silliest Music Group of the 80's

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Oops, wasn't logged in before...

I grew up in the 80s, so I suppose that is why 80's music is my "favorite" contemporary music in terms of number of songs that I liked. However for me it was more the sound and not the lyrics that made it for me, although I did like some of the videos for some late 80s songs... 70's music seemed more focused on the lyrics and 90's music wandered off too far rhythms are musical combinations I didn't really like.

This is probably why my favorite music is actually classical, and why I lean towards liking organ music and orchestral works and shy away from pieces which are strictly piano. In fact, I suppose there isn't any song I wouldn't take some degree of liking to if it was played purely instrumentally on a good 102 rank pipe organ... ;-)

You are right about the "silliness" factor - I wonder how much growing up with the 80's music contributed to my love of music that doesn't take itself seriously?

Oh, and btw - I'd love to get a copy of some of your compilations.

I thought that song was called "Buffalo Stance".
You mean the NeNeh Cherry song, yes?

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