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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Since it's come up....

Many people have told me how much Aiden and I look alike. I suppose it is genetic that you can't see your own face in a baby. fiannaharpar has told me that she doesn't see herself in her daughter either.

ON the other hand... almost EVERYONE will tell you that you are on crack and how much you look like your baby.

Some of you know that I am an amateur genealogist. I dug thru the files and found "a picture"

I have to admit.. for comparison sakes.. yes.. I see a resemblance. But some things to note (IMHO)
1) Aiden's picture is a mirror
2) I am 18 months to 3 yrs old in the picture (no clue for sure)
3) I tend to think that all babies look fairly similar.

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OMG- the resemblance is uncanny.

Quite a striking resemblance, really.

When I was a kid, everyone told me how much I looked likie my mom. This upset me greatly, plus I couldn't see it at all. I didn't see it until I did a plaster mask of my face for a theatrical makeup class. When I ummolded it, it looked just like my mom. *shudder*

You were a cute little guy!

Yessir, that's your baby!

I definitely see the resemblance.

To me, all babies and children look the same, except for hair color.

I mean it's obvious that he's not asian or something, so it wasn't that asian postguy that comes or anything.. ;)

Then again, I don't have a very good eye for looking alike or whatever. Everyone thinks my sister and I look like twins or something, whereas I don't see it. And someone told me once I look like Elizabeth Shue and I just didn't see it.

Either way, cutesy picture of you!

My ex bf used to say that all babies look like monkeys that have been boiled in oil.

I can't see my own face in my kids, but I can see them in my baby face, and I can see my baby face in me (and more frightening, I'm starting to see my mom in me).

When I was growing up, people who knew my dad or saw me with him commented on how much I looked like him. In fact, I had "3 month old" pictures of both of us and except for the difference in the age of the photos, it looked like the same baby.

As an older child, I always thought that my features were a "softer" version of my dad's except that I had my mom's nose. What's funny is that when I reached about 17-18 years old, people could finally see that I looked a lot like my mom. What kept people from seeing it before is that my face is oval and hers is round. But it's pretty much the same features.

(Deleted comment)
I've got a comparitivebaby shot I like to use for that same kind of thing. :)

(my youngest son and me)

That's a cute picture of you.
Aiden definitely has your nose!

I agree on both counts.

That poor kid!!! :^P

I forgot to mention that I notice the resemblance

I see myself in my mom a whole lot. I also can see the parts that came from dad, although we obviously look less alike (that whole XX vs XY thing).

gootmu can easily freak me out anytime he wants to by imitating his dad's smirk. It makes him look EXACTLY like him. I even remember seeing a picture of what looked like Marc, maybe a year or so younger than he was at the time, hauling around a boy and much younger girl. I asked him who were the kids he was with.

That pic was his dad, with Marc and his sister as the kids. I almost keeled over at how similar they looked.

So, yup. It happens.

there is significant similarity in nose (in profile), eyeridge shape, and eye shape. the rest is too hidden in baby fat to tell.

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