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*lol*. Why, OH WHY does it happen to me.

This was today's flyby IM'ing

today's live one (TLO for short) is a male from San Diego inhis early 40's

TLO: hello
life_magick: Hello
TLO: whats UP
TLO: wow 2 sisters
TLO: nice you look happy between them
life_magick: ?
TLO: in your pictures
TLO: so what do you like
life_magick: Just curious which pictures you are looking at 
TLO: the one with you and two girls
life_magick: Oh, in my briefcase? The blonder one is a very old friend. If it's the picture I think it is. Boy, that was when I really, REALLY needed to start a diet
TLO: your still sexy looking
life_magick: Well, gosh.

And the conversation ended.

Yigh.... Why me ?!? ;)

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