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To be totally obscure: Tuvan Phone Phreaking

Yesterday I propogated the White and Nerdy meme that is now going around.

Today, brandywilliams sent me the original hacker test. This is a 500 question test in a text file from 1989. It is from the original purity test days... It is... EVIL.

It asks such gems as:
Have you ever patched binary code?
...While the program was running?

Then it got on to some that made me smile:
Can you whistle 300 baud?
...1200 baud?

I enjoy these because I used to do this as a kid when I got my first modem.

Then came question 111101: Can you whistle a telephone number?

I chirped up, "No, and I am taking the point, because I know that it's not possible!"
jnanacandra looked at me. "It's not possible?"

Tone dialing is created by playing 2 disharmonious notes off of a grid of tones (DTMF). The top row makes one tone the left column makes one tone. Therefore the top left button is sending the tones of the top row and left column combined. You'd have to be able to whistle two separate (disharmonious) notes at the same time which is pretty much impossible.

She looks at me and asks, "What about Tuvan Throat Singing." I had posted on Tuvan throat singing a little over 2 yrs ago.

I pondered this and wondered if Captain Crunch might have been Tuvan. Well, no.. but it was a musing passing thought.
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