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Bitacle Debacle

It's been discovered that has been stealing the entire content of some blogs, repackaging it, crediting it as their own, relicensing it under Creative Commons and offering it on their own site which is filled with adverts. This is a method of banning these idiots.

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I went to the bitacle site to discover that the site refuses to load now. Aparently within 24 hours they have taken so much flack that they've either taken the service down or been hit by an uncontrollable wave of Denial of Service attacks.

Personally, I'd have liked to see if my content was on there. I actually have the creative content license on my journal page. My license says that the contents may be used but NOT for commercial purposes.

Translation: If they are using advertising with my content, it is in direct violation of stated copyright. I am pretty sure I can sue for damages. :-D
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