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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

Autumn Rocks

jnanacandra has already posted but I'm gonna add in to the elation.

Intimate Fire had its first public ritual tonight at Moonflower Magicks. A fantastic Occult store in Everett Washington.

jnanacandra wrote the ritual which is now up on the IF site

Sister N. Brought coloured candles for the elements, a central altar table, Port, and wonderful honey bread for eucharist. I supplied Apple Juice (for those who did not will to take alcohol), SJ supplied the talismans (beautiful little glass stones with one of the numbers 0-21 on them)

We were expecting about 4-5 people.... 16 showed. Everyone enjoyed, participated, asked questions, took communion. It was fantastic. One of the new people who'd never heard of Thelema, OTO, or Intimate Fire offered to read the role of Thoth and was awesome.

N.E. Puget Sound has a definite Pagan community and all of the attendees asked if we'd be doing more.

Oh, yes, the 19 day old boy for his second ritual... was perfectly behaved. He's 2 for 2.

The real test for him is tomorrow :)

happy bouncy Proto-Master of CIF. Yay yay yay. :)

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Nicely done. I like the web site too.

Our CiF has our second public ritual coming up this evening.

How did you publicize your event?

heh. my elements students, in the equinox ritual they designed at the end of the class, chose to invoke ma'at and thoth too.

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