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Were IV words worth $20

Today I bought the new release of the old Star Wars trilogy.

I'd been joking for a while that I was looking forwards to the class action suit of geeks around the world.

I went to see Star Wars on opening weekend. I was 9 years old. Yes, kids.. I am that old.

I saw it on Twentieth Century Fox's (few at the time remaining) silver screens in Los Angeles. (The family had taken a vacation there from where we were living in suburban eastern PA)

I remember the movie as if it were 29 days ago let alone 29 years. There was one thing I remember above all else. And it isn't ingrained because of that watching but because of Empire three years later.

I remember going to see empire and seeing, "Part V, The Empire Strikes Back." My friends and I sat there thinking, "5? What happened to 2, 3, and 4" We got a copy of the Betamax tape (Yes, kids...I am that old) of Star Wars and watched it. "Chapter IV... A New Hope." New Hope? What the hell was New Hope? My friends and I knew damned well, that it wasn't called New Hope when we first saw it. Hell, we lived in a town in Pennsylvania called "Yardley" which was the next town south of "New Hope"... We would've noticed.

But 25 years later... I've been told be mannnnny people... that it's always said "Chapter IV"

Well, I'm here to tell you.. if you want to see the REAL "Star Wars"... The original... Without Chapter IV... Without Jabba... and there is no question of "Who Shot First"... Because only one person shot... And that Scoundrel was Han...

The trilogy is worth it. The original is unedited as I remember it. (Well, the scenes I watched)... There is one whole in my memory which I still debate... but since the film is "Star Wars" I'm going to have guess my memory on the other issue... may have been wrong.

Star Wars is in the original Dolby 2.0 (No... they didn't have 5.x back then)

But it's the movie from my youth and makes me happy.

The commentary on the main disc even starts with Lucas explaining about why IV was added.

So... to me... the new trilogy are the Star Wars discs I've wanted. Lucas' new flashy versions complete with my treasured memories.

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