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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

One man's journey from infinity to nothingness

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Andrei in the office


Some of you knew we had [info]freeman_spawn. Yesterday, the journal became aiden_freeman.

For fun I'm trying to put updates there as often as I can. (Which knowing my sleep schedule means.. I have no idea.) New post and picture up this morning.

Also for fun... trying not to use my voice on the posts. This also might mean either of us may do the posting.

Well, back to sleep soon. Need my rest so as not to sleep while driving us home.

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I like the tag evolution from 'babymaking' to 'babyhaving' ;)

Mazel Tov! And yes, sleep while you can. You'll need it ;-)

So glad you all came through so well.

Congratulations to the new addition to your family!! How spectacular! The Mom and baby picture is so beautiful. Best of all to you and yours.

Wow, I can't believe he's here already! Seems like only yesterday I was reading about the pregnancy. I love the journal too, what a witty little guy;)

Rest well and be well.

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